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414. Boost Your Fitness Business - Is Your PT Business on Track at the Personal Level?

214. Boost Your Fitness Business - Is Your PT Business on Track at the Personal Level?
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Duration : 1.5 Hours

Hilton Cyprus - Nicosia

Sunday | 17th of February 2019 | 15:30-17:00

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Suitable for: Gym Owner's, Sports Science Students, Personal Trainers, Fitness Trainer and Group Exercise Trainers

Duration: 1.5 hours

Language: English

Style: Lecture

Level: All Levels

Master Trainer:  Douglas Brooks

Description: Is your personal training business on track at the personal level? Effective time management and client care that is centered on service, service and more service are important markers of a successful personal training business. Establishing this foundation is a key "marketing strategy." Learn ten time management tips that work for the busy trainer, whether you are a sole proprietor or manage many trainers. Identify the common traps that even successful businesses fall into and which can quickly undermine a business. Look at ten areas every successful business should monitor for quality control. Understand why customer service is the “intangible edge” and how to develop top-notch service. Learn how to encourage, ask for, get and use client feedback to sustain and grow your business. Learn to incorporate six key qualities that are closely tied to business success over the long haul. Learn how to drive customer acquisition and word of mouth referral. Is your business in trouble or standing on firm ground and moving forward? Simple but important. Don’t miss out on the “easy-to-do” principles that can make or break your business. 

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