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212. Understand the Science of Movement - Rotational Power

212. Understand the Science of Movement  - Rotational Power
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Duration : 1.5 Hours

Hilton Cyprus - Nicosia

Sunday | 17th of February 2019 | 11:15-12:45

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Suitable for: Sports Science Students, Personal Trainers, Fitness Trainer and Group Exercise Trainers

Duration: 1.5 hours

Language: English

Style: Practical 

Level: All Levels

Master Trainer: Michael Cummings

Equipment: 20 x TPT MB2, 20 x TPT MB5, 40 x SKLZ Pro Bands, 20 x SKLZ Slidez, 10 x Medicine Balls,    5 x Dumbbells (Kg) and 5 x Kettlebell (8 - 12Kg)

Description: Rotation, or training in a multiplanar environment, is fundamental to all movement. Whether it's resisting rotational forces in an effort to minimize energy leaks or creating rotational forces in order to maximize kinetic linking, the pillar plays a central role. In this practical session, we'll dive into the nuance of multiplanar activation that is ubiquitous to all movement (including linear movements!). We'll also highlight some simple techniques you can use with your clients to maximize their performance in any activity and in any plane of movement.

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