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107. Athletic, Sports conditioning - Build Speed, Explosive Quickness and Anaerobic Endurance

107. Athletic, Sports conditioning - Build Speed, Explosive Quickness and Anaerobic Endurance
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Duration : 1.5 Hours

Hilton Cyprus - Nicosia

Saturday | 16th of February 2019 | 12:15-13:45

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Suitable for: Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Sports Science Students, Personal Trainers, Fitness Trainer and Group Exercise Trainers

Duration: 90 minutes

Language: English

Style: Practical 

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Master Trainer:  Douglas Brooks

Equipment: 30 x Wall Ball (8, 10, & 12lb), 10 x SlamBalls (10 & 15lb), 30 x Strength Band, 60 x GRIDS, 4 x Agility Ladders, 30 x Tubes (2-4 Level), 25 x cones, 24 x 9” hurdles, 5 x 12” hurdles, 5 x SKLZ Recoil 360, 5 x Foam/or wood 3 in 1 Plyobox, 5 x BOSU with PowerStax, 5 x Gymstick Slides, 5 x Battle Ropes, 5 x Weight Vests

Description: Building explosive speed, strength and power relies on multi-directional movement capability, controlled movement before explosive movement, unloaded movement before loaded movement, correct take off and landing skills, agility, and plyometrics as well as overall, sound movement fundamentals. This fast-paced training finds a balance between identifying and practicing solid technique, building in corrective work (e.g., mobility, stability, faulty motor patterns), strength, and power. Explosive speed and quickness is all about timing and rhythm. Breaking down the skill, re-building the skill to its whole, and incorporating “deep practice”, creates athleticism. You will spend enough time in this session to become proficient in the skills and methodology. Couple all of the above with new, creative and fun exercises and games—and the time will literally fly. Go FAST! Upon successful completion of this workshop, attendees will be trained in this “Build Speed, Explosive Quickness and Anaerobic Endurance” specialty area.

Fitness Professionals, Personal Trainers and Coaches will be will be trained to: 

  • Scale all individual, partner drills and games to any ability level
  • Effectively teach and breakdown all skill progressions
  • Effectively demonstrate skill progressions
  • Progress, or regress, individual skills or drills
  • Understand how to construct a scalable training session block
  • Instruct individual, small group or large group training scenarios
  • A-V needs: headset, music system, data projector, screen
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