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Peter Twist - Canada

Peter Twist - Canada

Peter Twist, MSc, is an exercise physiologist with 11 years coaching experience in the NHL. Peter has trained over 700 professional athletes including 4 major league MVPs in hockey, basketball and baseball and leads performance training and rehabilitation for Winter Olympic teams in China. He is CEO of Twist Performance operating Twist Performance + Wellness facilities, franchised in four countries. The health model in TP+W services clients with functional exercise coaches, doctors of naturopathic medicine and holistic nutritionists. A passionate educator, Peter Twist has published 500+ papers, 20 books and manuals, 44 DVDs and 18 certifications. His Master Trainers teach TWIST Certifications in 30 countries, also available on-line for digital study. He is a Scientific Advisor to the Global Foundation of Community Health, an international research group collaborating on children’s health.

Peter Twist’s mission is creating positive life change via innovative integrated brain-movement-muscle training methods and positive mindset motivation.

  • Twist is a pioneer of modern functional training, introducing a contrarian balance-strength-movement 3D exercise paradigm in 1994 to both epiphany excitement and staunch opposition, today his functional training has proliferated across the entire fitness industry.
  • Twist is a globally renowned Sport Scientist, Pro Coach, Innovative Trainer, Business Leader and Trend Setter introducing new concepts to early adopters. 
  • TWIST the company has 126 full time coaches who together in 10 Twist branded sport training facilities have trained over 2,000 pro and Olympic athletes, including partnering with the China

Peter Twist awarded honors:

  • 2001 NSCA President’s Award
  • 2003 CanFitPro Specialty Presenter of the Year
  • 2010 IDEA World Program Director of the Year
  • 2010 Under Armour Global Education Partner
  • 2012 IMG Academies Combine 360 Partner
  • CanFitPro's 2012 Canadian Presenter of the Year.
  • 2013 IDEA World Fitness Inspiration award (joining past winners Rick Hansen, Dick Hoyt and Mike Huckabee)
  • 2015 Coach Twist was inducted into the USA Fitness Hall of Fame.
  • 2017 Top 100 Health Influencers
  • 2017 named Scientific Advisor to the Global Foundation of Community Health, an international research group
  • 2018 selected by United Nations to create their Kid’s Physical Literacy curriculum for the UN Sustainable Health Initiative
  • 2018 Twist launched IDEA China, a conference circuit in China, in partnership with IDEA World of USA