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STOTT PILATES® - Mini Stability Ball™ Workout

STOTT PILATES® - Mini Stability Ball™ Workout
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Code:AREA 3 - C6


Duration : 2 Hours

Hilton Cyprus - Nicosia

Saturday| 25-03-17 |14:45-16:45

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 1/18 Seats  Available 

Suitable for: Sports Science Students, Pilates Trainers, Fitness Professionals, Group Exercise Trainers and Personal Trainers

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English

Style: Theoritical and Practical

Level: Intermediate

Master Trainer: Jennifer Dahl

Description: This energizing workout, developed by the MERRITHEW™ team, incorporates the 12-inch Mini Stability Ball™ to create total-body strengthening and conditioning. These exercises work on improving posture with a major focus on core stability and back mobility while also lengthening and strengthening the surrounding muscles. Keeping the elements of the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles in mind, learn how to add variety and fun to traditional Matwork routines.

Learning Objectives
Apply STOTT PILATES® Five Basic Principles to exercises using the Mini Stability Ball.
Challenge balance, stability and control on the mat.
Create variety and challenge while focusing on alignment and movement quality.
Learn cues and corrections for safety and effectiveness

Additional Details
REPs 2.0
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

Equipment used in the Workshop: Pilates Mat, Mini Stability Ball

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