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HIIT – Utilizing Battling Rope Exercises for HIIT & SMIT

Utilizing Battling Rope Exercises for HIIT & SMIT
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Code:AREA 1 - A6


Duration : 2 Hours

Hilton Cyprus - Nicosia

Saturday| 25-03-17 |14:45-16:45

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11/30 Seats Available

Suitable for: Sports Science Students, Personal Trainers, Cross Fitters, Fitness Trainer and Group Exercise Trainers

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English

Style: Theoretical and Practical

Level: Basic - Intermediate

Master Trainer:  Nick Tuminello

Description: Battling rope exercises are increasingly popular amongst strength and conditioning professionals. In this hands-on workshop, Nick Tumminello will teach you why Supramaximal Interval Training (S.M.I.T.)  is more is more effective than HIIT, 3 scientifically founded strategies for maximizing the metabolic cost of performing battling rope exercises, and also show you his top battling ropes exercises and protocols that can immediately use for HIIT & SMIT.

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