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HIIT – HIIT vs Steady State, Which Cardio Is Best?

HIIT vs Steady State: Which Cardio Is Best?
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Duration : 2 Hours

Hilton Cyprus - Nicosia

Saturday| 25-03-17 |12:00-14:00

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Suitable for: Sports Science Students, Personal Trainers, Cross Fitters, Fitness Trainer and Group Exercise Trainers

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English

Style: Theoretical

Level: Basic - Intermediate

Master Trainer:  Brad Schoenfeld

Description: This lecture details adaptations associated with interval training and steady state aerobic exercise. A discussion of the practical applications of the modalities is provided with respect to individualizing program design. The relevance to concurrent training, where cardio is performed in combination with resistance training, is explored with respect to its effects on muscular gains.

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