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Lefteris Fintikakis - Greece

Lefteris Fintikakis - Greece

Lefteris Fintikakis, Coach-Trainer,


His experience in the field of Fitness and Body Shaping, recorded with more than 20.000 hours Personal Training has to his credit thus far, in 21 years of overall professional path, until now. He features a «Patent» for the design of Innovative Fitness Machine.

He deals particularly with exercise physiology and metabolism, as well as the creation of methods and techniques for more complete configuration of human body, but also to improve health and fitness. He is an official Johnson Health Tech Hellas Coach. He created “Connexus Training”  and support customer training for all Matrix Fitness Commercial Equipment.

He is officially exclusive trainer of «Terracore» by Vicore Fitness, for the territory of Greece and Cyprus. Also, he is the creator of the «body transformation in 60 days» under the name «Body Effect», for FitNet  company. He is a partner as Coach, of the Fitnet company and also he is a main Professor of the fitness & personal training faculty under the name, «Effect Academy». He deals with writing articles, manuals and books on topics related to the field of Fitness. He is an athlete’s Coach in the field of Fitness & also in Bodybuilding, assuming entirely the planning and guidance of their preparation in all required parameters, with multiple National and International distinctions.

He has co-written the book entitled «Power Yoga: Transform your body Raise the spirit" versions I.Sideris is author of books for vocational education trainers and trainers in the area of group training, weight training & personal training and he has also written the book -Council entitled «6 Steps to Attack your Fat, Increase Metabolism, Get the Body of your Dreams-The Ultimate Guide Step by Step», which was released by the online bookstore «Amazon».

He is a graduate Professor of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (DPESS), with graduate Certification and Specialization in Physiology of Exercise (Dip.PhE), Sports Nutrition (Dip.SN) and Physique Conditioning (Dip.PhC). He is also a graduate Coach and Choreographer of Sports Aerobics (FIG) and Coach of Fitness and BodyBuilding (IFBC). He is a Professional Member of International Organizations like ACSM, NSCA, IDEA, CPTN.

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