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Charis Tymvios - Cyprus

Charis Tymvios  - Cyprus

Charis Tymvios  (BSc, MSc, PhD, PgDip, MD Sports Med (Cand.), is regarded as one of the leading sports performance consultants in Cyprus and has established many collaborations internationally. His laboratory ( specializes in identifying biological markers by blood and physiological tests, in order to advice professional and recreational athletes to maximize performance and minimize the chances of overtraining and injury. His methods have been internationally recognized recently by receiving an invitation to present his work in one of the most prestigious conference for football medicine (Isokinetic London 2016).

Dr. Tymvios holds a bachelor degree in Biomedical Sciences with a specialty in endocrinology and master degree in Forensic Sciences with a specialty in anti-doping (both from Kings College London). In 2008 he received his PhD in Pharmacology from Imperial College London, and in 2010 he further studied for postgraduate qualification in Sports Physiology and Nutrition, while working for top English football clubs. At the moment he is studying for a medical diploma in Sports Medicine (University College London). Further to this, he is a Biosignature Level 2 (Poliquin Group) practitioner.

Dr. Tymvios is a member of the medical staff of Omonoia AC and Keravnos BC and provides consultation to many others teams and professionals athletes internationally (Croatia, UAE, Uruguay, USA, UK Armenia). Further to this, he has been a visiting lecturer for many years in University of Nicosia and University of Cyprus. Since 2010 he has established his own laboratory for general public blood testing and sports specific testing, always investing in human health.